I’ve always known Vermont to be a great place to find maple syrup and cheese! Finally took the trek north of Killington to visit a local hotspot and some cheese mongers! Mixed this up with some hiking and outdoor adventure (read: climbing the green mountain).

Dessert First: Maple Creemee

Driving up to Killington, we passed by a little shop to have our first ever maple creemee! What is that? A maple infused vanilla soft serve cone aka the most delicious thing ever. Thanks to Green Mountain Sugar House (Ludlow, VT) for being a wonderful pit stop on the road. It was so good, we didn’t even take any pictures. But click on the GMSH site and you will find a YouTube video with zoomed in views and people’s comments on the ice cream!

We grabbed the half gallon jug of the dark with robust taste home after trying the various flavors. We LOVE it in our coffee and hot drinks and waffles ❤️

If you’re looking for more maple creemee stops, check out Erin’s post on Travel Like a Local VT (July 2016).

Ben & Jerry’s Factory

When in the Burlington area, a visit to Ben & Jerry’s is a must (a 1:45 drive up from Killington)! I am surprised after 2-3 snowboarding trips up here that I have not visited the factory! When we got there, there was a long line for ice cream so we thought we’d get some ice cream cones first. Tip: not the best idea

Get in line for the factory tour first because the time slots do fill up. Once you get your spot, get on the ice cream line to enjoy while waiting for the tour time to start. The line was super long since it was a hot summer day. I did read that a small scoop is given at the end of the tour, but you can never have too much ice cream.

Here’s a nice small scoop 😋. I believe the flavor of the day was cookies & cream.

give me all of them

To be honest here, Ben & Jerry’s mix-ins are a bit too thick and chunky for my liking. That is the premise of their ice cream because one of the founders (Ben) has a problem smelling so he wanted more texture in the ice cream. I had no idea that Ben & Jerry’s company was so GREEN! Sustainable ingredient sourcing and treating their employees well. (Has anyone read The Inside Scoop book by Fred Lager? Worth it?)

obligatory photo

Then, Talk Cheesy to Me

The biggest activity I saw when finding Vermont things to do was the CHEESE TRAIL. There are 48 locations included in the trail but there are various icons on the map indicating “open” or “open, please call ahead”. Since this was the July 4th weekend, most places were not open for us to visit 🙁

But, I made sure to find some cheese!

Plymouth Artisan Cheese

Check out their site here. Once we got here, it was pouring rain, so the shop was a bit cramped up with 8 adults in there. They sold their cheese at a higher price than at the general store! While the cheese was tasty, I can’t say it’s something I would bend over backwards to bring back home on a roadtrip.

Red Hen Bakery

Check out their site here. The pastries here are so fresh. Need your cheese fix? Ham & cheese croissant 🥐 is there for ya and a ton others:

everyone was so happy here!

Don’t forget to get a tasty maple latte! REAL MAPLE 🍁, YES!

Grafton Village Cheese Company

You can sample all the cheese throughout the store. SO MUCH CHEESE. And jams… and honey… yum. We ended up buying three things because they were so delicious. We still have the salt & pepper cheese since it’s dry and stores well. I wish we bought more of the other cheeses.

  • We got a wedge of something similar to midnight moon (I’ll find the name and edit)
  • Salt & pepper dry goat cheese
  • Spicy manchego spread
thanks for breakfast

…and end with Wine, thanks!

Fresh Tracks Farm Vineyard & Winery (Google maps) was actually open Friday, July 5th so we made our way there.

please pour me a glass 🙂

We enjoyed the Winemakers Flight 2 and some Plymouth Cheese: Herbs flavor. It was so yummy with the rosemary crackers!

  • Apple Wine | Champlain Orchard Cider – White – Off-Dry
  • 2016 Frontenac Gris | White | Off-Dry
  • Radda | Frontenac – Rose | Off-Day
  • Frontenac Gris Oak-Aged | White | Semi-sweet

Outside the tasting room is a firepit. We also tried to play some badminton before we left when we saw it in a laying outside the tasting room… but we were very good, lol

is this rocking? oh wait, that’s just me

We’ll just stick to hanging out and enjoying ourselves. That’s what being on holiday is all about ^—^


KO gonna get a sunburn relaxing there…

Travel Date: July 2019
Location: Ludlow / Killington / Burlington, Vermont

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