Travel Date: Aug 30 – Sep 2, 2019 (Labor Day weekend)

When the office is closed and a long weekend is available… a road trip upstate is a must πŸ›£οΈ.

Ever since we went to Lake Placid last summer (2018), we knew we had to come back. 

From NYC to Lake Placid is pretty much a straight road with a handful of stops. Taking breaks every 1.5-2 hours is a must ☺️. 

We splurged* on a hotel with a view of Mirror Lake. (Last year we stayed at an Airbnb 30 minutes away in Lake Saranac.) What I didn’t expect was the coziness of Hampton Inn.

*By splurge, I mean it was still the lowest cost hotel in the area πŸ˜… with comparable prices to the Airbnb I was eyeing that got booked while I was browsing. $271/n after taxes – check Expedia

We got there in the evening and was able to catch the nice evening and s’mores activity. 

purple sky and reflection

Right next to the check-in desk was the community area (breakfast; a cart for kids with board games and coloring) and wall to floor glass walls with a view of the lake.

photo from Hilton, see more here

Waking up to see this and having a view for breakfast 😍. Speaking of breakfast, pressed juices and smoothies? Best Hampton Inn ever. 

straws and cups are compostable! ♻️

It’s not a Lake Placid trip without actually seeing Lake Placid.

Whiteface Mountain is only a 30 minute drive from the Mirror Lake area.


  • $16 car + driver
  • $9 per passenger

We saw a bunch of people biking up the mountain. They’re so fit 🚡. There are 3-4 view point stops along the drive up (7 minutes with no stops). At the entrance, we were told there was no visibility due to the clouds. We got so lucky and got great views of Lake Placid and mountains πŸ€— .

I don’t go anywhere without my Ahnu boots (now Teva) for hiking but I’ve seen people wear sandals to trek up. The rocks are uneven and the climb down can be a bit slippery on certain rocks. There is a helpful hand railing. If you’re not cut up for the hike, there is a free elevator at the parking area. The elevator doesn’t fit that many people so your friends hiking up might get there before you πŸ˜…

catch me at the top

And if that wasn’t enough exercise for the day, you can enjoy a nice hydrobike ride.

$24/hr and $42 for 2 hours if paid in advance (check Mirror Lake Boat Rental for the latest prices). Do the 2 hours. You don’t want to rush and take the time to bike around the entire lake while capturing great photos. But don’t bike so far you end up at a hotel’s private beach area πŸ™„.

β™₯ on IG | β™₯ this other hydrobike IG | stylized by Google Photos

You can also burn more calories being in the cold, observing the stars 🌌, haha. (another blog post in the works)

Til next time, Lake Placid. Maybe a winter snowboarding trip πŸ‚.

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