It’s been a decade since I’ve seen Niagara Falls. I remember going on a weekend bus tour trip with a Chinatown travel agency. My family took up almost half the bus (as usual). I remember wearing blue ponchos, getting drenched on the boat, and having a good time. I didn’t think I’d be seeing this again, especially as COVID-19 continues to be an issue for America.

My friends and I drove 5 hours north for a change of scenery in Rochester. Since we were so north, we took a day trip to Niagara Falls, only 1.5 hours more north.

We mapped to Niagara Falls State Park and ended up at the Parking Lot 1 (of 4). It was $10 and there was an electric spot for us! Yay for free ⚡ charging!

COVID-19 Notes: While most people were wearing face masks, I was very surprised by how many people were not. With NY’s declining cases in the summer, I thought more people would be cautious but this is still a tourist area after all…

First things first, BATHROOM BREAK. I didn’t realize the Visitor Center had restrooms so I went across the street into a building with info & food. The bathrooms were meh but at least it didn’t smell. The restrooms in the park itself were much better.

don’t worry, you will still get lost

What they shared all over the internet about the Canada vs America cruise ships is true… Pass on the “Maid of the Mist” for us this time!

take me with you~

Making our way to see the falls. Really loved seeing all the colors, especially the teal and aquamarine colors shine in the light.

checking out the water from a distance
so much water

The water sprinkles felt very nice that day since it was pretty HOT. I didn’t mind getting closer to cool off!

so much mist

We didn’t bother checking out any of the attractions (Observation Tower, Cave of the Winds, etc)… but if you’re interested, definitely make a reservation in advance! After seeing the falls, we took a loop around the park, getting ice cream, and getting my steps in.

no one else was walking lol

We thought about taking a longer lap around but with the drive home… jumping into the pool one last time seemed like a better idea.

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